Teacup Mini Pigs!
If You're "Wise", You'll Choose Tuckers Farm

Piglets born summer 2014 for sale......    $200 - $300

As of Oct. 16, 2014, we still have one white blue butt female, one red female, and one orangish with black spots male for sale.  White pig is $200 and the other two are $300 each.

The white piggy is pictured at 2 months old.  The other two wee a day old when photos taken.

white girl on the left is the one available


pinkish piggy with black spots... a day old... is the last one mentioned for sale.


Adult 2 1/2 year old White / Blue Butt Boar    $200

13" tall and about 40 lbs


                             Willamina    1 1/2 yrs      $150

An Ethel daughter shown below with her first litter.  She was a very good mother and is expecting her second litter August, 2014.



There always seems to be at least one piglet in each litter that really works on getting my attention.  Of course its most persuasive method is by being a (squealer).