Teacup Mini Pigs!
If You're "Wise", You'll Choose Tuckers Farm

Hello! Milton here.  I'm the dad.        60 

I was a teacher for 32 years and taught sciences, choral music, cultures and reading classes.  Have been retired now for 3 years and enjoying it.  These pigs have been the new additions to my life during retirement.  I'm a true animal lover and own many kinds of critters with my biggest venture being my herd of miniature horses, specializing in the frame medicine hat overo color pattern.


Tucker Here.  I'm The Son.              23         single.         

I studied Agricultural Engineering at Purdue and graduated spring of 2014.  I took a job in Decatur, Illinois with Arthur Daniels Midland and am experiencing life on my own.  I probably don't love animals quite to the same degree that dad does, but I enjoy helping him in his adventures with them. 

Mushroom hunting in our woods in Parke County Indiana, spring of 2011.

Me, age 5, and our  mini stallion, Nacho, 6 months!

 Nacho is a perfect example of the frame medicine hat overo color pattern.

Some History Of The Teacups

Teacup mini pigs were developed from four main breeds of larger pigs. The appearance and size then of the teacup breed are due to the combination of the following pig genetics:

A. Gloucester

B. KuneKune

C. Pot Belly

D. Tamworth

High School Graduation

Cousin Abbea and I.


  Tuckers Farm Address Is:

 Milton Stout

8264 N  CR  150 E

Pittsboro, IN 46167      

                                   email is:  miltonstout71@yahoo.com

phone is:  317  850  7205                                                        Salomey