Teacup Mini Pigs!
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                              Our Breeders 

Currently we have an adult brown boar, a young Juliana boar, five breeding age females, a yearling female and a very small Juliana adolescent gilt.

Juliana pre breeding age boar 


Dark brown chipmunk striped 2.5 yrs old boar. He is 15" tall.  He looks black in his pictures but he is really a dark red brown.  He hasn't been weighed lately but I'm guessing he is about 50 lbs and he is about 30" long.

Daisy                 Red/Brown        Born 2012

Julee          Pure Juliana                         Born 2011

Nada Nama          Black / White         Born April, 2014         


Naming our pigs has taken some time.  We tend to like the names from past generations. Our next female may be Geneva or (Lulu).


 About 14" tall, close to 30" long and between 50 to 60#.  Here she is begging for a treat.   



Below with her 3rd litter of 8.  She is a very good and

protective mother. 



Below is Ethel's 4th litter born July of 2014

A total of 8 were in the litter but only 4 survived.


Willamina, Ethel's very first baby.

Born October 2012     14" tall , alittle less tha 30" long, and about     50 lbs                First Litter born July 2013

Willamina's 2nd litter born August 28, 2014

5 in the litter but one was very weak and didn't survive.


     TANSY                      CREAM AND BLACK SPOTTED 

Born October 2012     

About 14" tall and 32" from tip of nose to end of butt, not to tip of tail.  She is a long girl.


            Her first Litter Born July 2013


Here are Tansy and Willamina a couple of months before they had their first litters. A tree had fallen in the barnlot.  I had burned it in this spot and these two girls were enjoying the ashes.



I am excited to add these two little girls to our program and look forward to the litters they will produce for us.   Julianas are always spotted and are the smallest true pig.