Teacup Mini Pigs!
If You're "Wise", You'll Choose Tuckers Farm

                      Pig  Predators                                                                                                                                     


The Mammals 

Red Fox 




Domestic and some domestic dogs that have gone out on their own and become wild. 


               Birds Of Prey Or Raptors


Red-tailed Hawk         


                                   Great Horned Owl


Below, I found a visitor one night when I went to lock the barn door where my mini pigs shared a large stall with the chickens.  It happened to be a Great Horned Owl that seemed quite interested in the fowl roosting overhead.  Here are a couple of pic tures of that beautiful creature. (Razorback)  The adult pigs were in no danger but had there been piglets, some of them would most likely have been taken.


At The Extreme Top Above, Is A Barn Owl Venturing Out Of The Hay Loft Through the Shingles Of An Old Barn Roof.  Here are some more pictures of this type of Owl.


               Barn Owl



Cooper's Hawk       


Red-Shouldered Hawk



We have all of the predators mentioned above around our farm.  So far though, we've lost one young pig that was several weeks old to the neighbor's dog.  Another one, which was newborn, was taken the night after his birth.  My fault.  I had let the sow make her own nest in a weed patch close to the barn and then let her keep the babies there for the first night.  Mistake it was as the next morning one was missing.  Fox, Coyote, Owl, O'possum, or Raccoon?  Never heard of either of the last two taking babies, but I suppose it would be easy enough for them to do so.  Taught me a lesson anyway.  The babies always need to be confined to a stall in the barn when so young.